Change Log



Change Log

2003-11-20  claudiuc 1.0-1 release

2003-11-19  claudiuc
	* spec: updated SuSE and Mandrake spec to include the handbook

2003-11-17  claudiuc
	* app: corrected URL to new Quax documentation
	* spec: updated RedHat spec to include the handbook

2003-11-15  claudiuc
	* doc: finished Docbook user documentation (Quax manual)
	* app: minor labeling changes for menus 

2003-11-15  claudiuc
	* doc: finished Doxygen documentation; started Docbook user doc
	* app: now color tooltip will be repositioned when will
	get out for screen; made some optimizations, removed unused
	variables and others are local

2003-06-17  claudiuc
	* spec: support for RedHat 9.0 (script + spec)

2003-06-16  claudiuc
	* spec: support for Mandrake 9.x (script + spec)
	* doc: install instructions for Mandrake 9.x; started to
	document Quax; more Doxygen setup; updated manual page
	* app: removed qDebug()'s

2003-06-14  claudiuc 0.9-3 release

2003-06-14  claudiuc
	* win: quax.mak for buildind Quax under WIN32 completed;
	added README file for Windows users

2003-06-13  claudiuc
	* app: more #ifdef's for Windows version of hand_cursor
	and QT2/3
	* win: clean-win32.bat for cleaning up after build, improved
	quax.mak for buildind Quax under WIN32 (almost finished)

2003-06-10  claudiuc
	* app: implemented mouse wheel Quax zoom and rotation
	* win: #ifdef's and fixes to compile Quax on Qt 2.3.0 GPL
	on WIN32. It works, but "handy" should be corrected. Added
	MSVC project files and make file

2003-06-08  claudiuc 0.9-2 release

2003-06-08  claudiuc
	* doc: updated TODO and corrected README file;
	improved INSTALL instructions
	* spec: improved SPEC file and fixed the bug with
	directories permissions screewing up  
	* app: removed two qDebug(), fixed a little .destkop file,
	removed *.pro files 

2003-06-01  claudiuc
	* color picker: implemented color tooltip and color 
	picker menu. Now remain to catch undefined cases and 
	implement Ctrl+C for color
	* icon: changed Quax application icon
	* menu: now popup menu doesn't show anymore outside 
	the screen
	* interaction: left click when color tip is visible and 
	color will be copied in clipboard; pointer cursor 
	track Quax state: hand cursor, cross cursor and sizeall
	* help: help menu work now using kfmclient from KDE to
	display Quax man page
2003-05-29  claudiuc
	* install: Anatoly Kamchatnov <rev@male.ru> discovered
	that PREFIX have no default value when compiling from 
2003-05-26  claudiuc
	* kde: added quax icons: 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 and
	moved the *.desktop file location
	* install: SuSE spec file
	* website: Anatoly Kamchatnov <rev@male.ru> and
	Jim Richardson <warlock@eskimo.com> pointed that
	I messed up links on "Download" section
2003-05-25  claudiuc 0.9-1 release
2003-05-24  claudiuc
	* install: RPM spec file + script to build RPM
	* doc: improved docs a little
	* doc: accelerators now work ('this' is the correct
	parent for popupmenu's and not 'menu')

2003-05-24  claudiuc
	* install: made qmake based compiling system
	* docs: added GNU required docs: AUTHORS, ChangeLog etc.
2003-xx-xx  claudiuc
	* app: Quax in actual functionality
2001-xx-xx  claudiuc
	* app: implemented a simple quax

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