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Welcome to KZoom!

KZoom is a KDE graphical applications which can be used to enlarge parts of your X Window desktop. It's a very handy tool and various zooming controls along with easy of use make it suitable both for professionals in webdesign and distractive toy for rest of us. KZoom home page is located at: KZoom is distributed under the terms of GNU Public License.

The current version is 0.5 and is stable.


  • 16 zoom levels very easy to change: toolbar buttons, popup, keyboard accelerators
  • zoomed area panning and visual control
  • resize and move zoom rectangle
  • adjustable refresh rate, toggle on/off continuos updating, show on/off zoom rectangle
  • zoom rectangle position and dimensions adjustable from toolbar spinboxes
  • saving zoomed area to image file; currently PNG, JPEG and XPM.
  • preety printing zoomed area
  • nice documentation

Little history: Long time ago, when KDE 1.x was available, Michael Forster worked on KMag utility. Program was quite good at that time. When it come evident for me that webdevelopment and webdesign will not be productive if web pages cannot be easily scrutinized, I started to search on the web for some kind of magnifying tool for KDE. I found KMag very, very hard, but now all it's ok. I have KZoom developed from KMag and I can done my web development job easily. KMag project is now continued by Sarang Lakare and his project is located at:

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