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Change Log

Change Log

2003-11-07  claudiuc
	* build: corrected spec.in file for RedHat 9.x

2003-11-04  claudiuc
	* fixes: removed debug info in scripttemplate.cpp; removed *.purecfg
	files which are no longer good (but should be converted to new
	script template format); fixed the option separator in redhat.puretpl
	* build: corrected spec.in file for Mandrake 9.x
2003-11-03  claudiuc
	* automake: fixed install bug (bad parsed "data_DATA" and "datadir" 
	variables)	in kcmpureftpd/data directory Makefile.am
	* admin: updated latest script tools for build system (hopping to 
	resolve	the above bug)

2003-10-20  claudiuc
	* doc: improved doc for kcmpureftpdscript; still have to adapt
	the WRITING-PURECFG text document which was merged in.
2003-09-30  claudiuc
	* build: script for tarball buillding, added headers in UI files
	to allow compiles from older uic utility.
	* admin: removed Makefiles from CVS, various spec file fixes

2003-09-29  claudiuc
	* build: made scripts and specs for builiding on SuSE, RedHat
	and Mandrake; updated compile & support scripts from admin
2003-09-26  claudiuc
	* guidata: finished command line options generation in parseOptions().
	Note that I still need to implement "-y" and "-Y" pure-ftpd flags.

2003-09-25  claudiuc
	* po: unified PO messages from kcmpureftpdstat and kcmpureftpdscript;
	generated new POT file, merged messages an little Romanian translation
	work. xml2pot script grab messages for both templates and scripts.
	* guidata: all data is saved/loaded for scripts, but not yet finished

2003-09-23  claudiuc
	* guidata: now setGui, getGui is implemented
	for "Limits" and "Miscellaneous" tabs. But not in parseOptions(),
	load (except "Limits") and save script.

2003-09-21  claudiuc
	* guidata: now setGui, getGui, load and script save is implemented
	for "Users" and "Security & Logging" tabs. But not in parseOptions()
	* save: automatically save changed scripts when exiting
	* revert: ask for confirmation when press "Revert" buttons
	* optsep: dirty play making <optsep> tag able keep whitespace.
	No luck for now. Keep going...
2003-09-18  claudiuc
	* xml: trying to fix the issue with empty content in XML <optset> tag
	* whatsthis: added and fixed QWhatsThis in Scripts and Run tabs
	* fixes: spinboxes limits on Run tab
	* script: parseOptions() work for Run tab

2003-09-16  claudiuc
	* load/save: the GUI data is saved in a "fake" script file
	named "guidata". For this the Script::load() was reshaped
	to break the tie with m_map. In application "rc" file I
	save only a "Debug" parameter. Unused yet.
	* auth list: fixed the improper enable/disable handling
	in "Authentication". A simple reordering in setGui() is
	all: slotAuthType() *after* setting ui->authList.

2003-09-14  claudiuc
	* script: Bug fixed when incorrectly search for "authitem"
	in 'eg' node element instead of 'ea'.
	Moved auth methods list in script to find bogus methods
	when loading scripts and not from main application
	* auth list: now use script->authMethods() to get type
	of method (with path or without associated path)

2003-09-12  claudiuc
	* script list: output view is now working; initial work
	on parseOptions(). Output view was not updated when user
	changed changed selected script; now is fixed.
	* guidata: I refactored the slotTabChanged() and UI
	correctly follow changes.
	* script save: Script save is fully working. 
2003-09-09  claudiuc
	* guidata: initial support for readind XML script
	files. Works for data in "Run" and "Authentication"
	tabs. Auth data have now XML structured format;
	DTD was changed as well.

2003-09-08  claudiuc
	* guidata: first step on processing GuiData; now
	exists support for "Run" and "Authentication" tabs.

2003-09-07  claudiuc
	* script list: the revert script and delete script
	actions are now functional. Improved Script::load()
	to catch changing ID's when reloading script from disk.

2003-09-05  claudiuc
	* script list: the edit script is stabilized, and 
	script list walking

2003-08-31  claudiuc
	* script add: refactored the GUI. Now adding items
	work, but no saving yet.
	* templates: ported Gentoo script, minor DTD improvement
	and templates/script changes

2003-08-29  claudiuc
	* script edit: added dialog to edit scripts; functionality
	is not yet finished but somewhat work.

2003-08-27  claudiuc
	* script*.(h|cpp): data structures rework in progress
	(is this 3rd or 4rd time when I redo this?)

2003-08-01  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: adding scripts work, splited KConfig
	loading methods, track script changes in GUI. But there 
	are bugs in signal-slot logic

2003-07-27  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: First support for adding items, basic
	structure for managing templates and scripts derived from 
2003-07-26  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: Updated Script class to work with new template
	script format. scriptList now get filled with templates and 
	some code to update script editing buttons
	* doc: Doxygen-like documentation for Script class

2003-07-23  claudiuc
	* doc: Doxygen style documentation for ftpsession and 

2003-07-20  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: finished load() and save(); working
	on fixing bug & misses on GUI: authentication + standalone
	* cleanup: KDE 3 have KNumInput.No need for doublespinbox.*
	* kcmpureftpdstat: remove doublespinbox.h dependecy
2003-07-19  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: authentication editor now work
	flawlessly and consistent.

2003-07-18  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: optimized slotAuthMoveUp, slotAuth.MoveDown;
	other auth* slots maybe are in broken state
	* doc: added Doxyfile for source code documentation generation +
	written already little docu.

2003-07-16  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: working on UI slots and
	small UI fixes

2003-07-10  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: GUI almost finished, all options
	are now included
2003-07-07  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: GUI compacting

2003-07-06  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdscript: GUI improvements, GUI bugs fixed,
	ported slots from kcmpureftpdscript to UI files.
2003-06-29  claudiuc
	* gui: started to use UIC for GUI makeup; cleanup for
	lot of "whatsthis"; layout reorganization but not finished
2003-06-26  claudiuc
	* cleanup: removed unneeded functions, changed module name
	from kcmpureftd to kcmpureftpdscript
	* files: renamed and changed XML files and DTD file; 
	updated *.desktop files
	* icons: Crystal like icons from SVG source
2003-06-22  claudiuc
	* package: reorganized desktop files and updated configure.in
	file to regain *.in files generation; moved desktop files
	on separate directory; Makefile.am's small cleanup
2003-05-18  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdstat: inversed the FtpGuiMap map. Now code
	is more optimized; removed the KDE < 2.2.x #ifdef's:
	is too old for now.; showExtendedInfo was not updated
	for existing FTP connections: fixed now.
	* kcmpureftpd: removed KDE < 2.2.x #ifdef's; removed 
	infoTab and related methods (these are in kcmpureftpdstat);
	little code and strings cleanup
2003-05-16  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdstat: bug! when I set pureftpwhoDefaultPath,
	was read by mistake from "config" object, instead of 
	* kcmpureftpdstat: fixed info update in KListView (bug
	because of remove/update optimization)
2003-05-15  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdstat: fixes for showExtendedInfo processing;
	prevented race condition for long FTP info data processing
2003-05-14  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdstat: reworked the connList insert/delete
	items and extended info display. But still crash...
	* kcmpureftpdstat: code cleanup
2003-05-14  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdstat: now infoProcess is working good. lot
	of dirty tricks on state machine are fixed. Removed the
	bug with last character eat in recvStdout slot for 
	* kcmpureftpdstat: removed unnecessary slots and little
	internal cleanup
2003-05-13  claudiuc
	* kcmpureftpdstat: finished logProcess stuff including
	optimization, correct stdout & stderr handling, process
	* kcmpureftpdstat: back to ol'-but-good QMultiLineEdit.
	such way, there's no more #ifdef's
	* kcmpureftpdstat: little internal reorganization
2003-04-22  claudiuc
	* docs:  reorganized doc section and make it to
	generated correctly under KDE 3.x. Also splited
	the docs for kcmpureftpd and kcmpureftpdstat
	* patch: merged patch from Michael Kreitzer <kreitma@wku.edu>.
	No testing yet. Just merged.
	* misc: fixed *.desktop files to point correctly for
2002-06-10  claudiuc
	* purecfg scripts: the XML scripts now are 
	more configurable: can chown, chmod and select
	the output saving method. Don't start making 
	your saver scripts. API will be changed soon.
	* statistics: first tab show statistics using
	pure-ftpwho. I consider them not finished, 
	but usable. Stay tuned.
	* update: added another flags from recent 
	pureftpd 1.0.10 and new authentication methods
	* kde 3: after some hacking in autoconf and 
	automake scripts, I updated "admin" dir to 
	KDE 3.x series. In this release 'configure"
	will search and work for KDE 2.x. I hope that
	in next release to automagically select the
	KDE: 2.x or 3.x, without hacking in 
	* pure-ftpd control: now you can start, stop,
	restart the pure-ftpd server. The bad news is
	that I haven't time to make usable purecfg
	scripts. It's a shame! Please correct my provided
	own and send to me.
2002-02-11  claudiuc
	* ftpsessionmap: finished FTPSession class which 
	get used on associative map for holding active 
	FTP sessions
	* misc: some stub functions for Info tab 

2002-02-06  claudiuc
	* info panel: finished GUI for FTP information
	tab and slots for changing refresh rate
	* scripts: added scripts for saving output.
	replace.pl is under construction, while simplesave.pl
	is finished and tested.

2002-02-02  claudiuc
	* exec: now status, start, stop and reload buttons 
	work and grab return code. The executed processes are
	automatically terminated after 5 seconds if they lock
	more time

2002-01-26  claudiuc
        * auth: finished authentication selection interface. 
        fully functional
        * fixes: added qt includes (whithout these compile break
        on Mandrake 7.2 and posible on other old distros)
        * credit: added credit for Bernard Lheureux 
        <bernard.lheureux@bbsoft4.org> which was very helpfull with 
        above fixes
2001-09-24   claudiuc version 0.6
        * authentication: added suport for multiple authentication
        methods in pure-ftpd 0.99.2. Support is not finished, but
        only GUI and some poor functionality. But is functional!
        * options: added new options from previous pure-ftpd 
        versions and moved checkboxes from General tab to Misc.
        * packaging: starting support for Debian. Not functional
        yet. Even not tested.
        * options: added new options from pure-ftpd 0.99
        * dtd: extended XML DTD to allow configuring pure-ftpd 
        status, start, stop & reload right from kcmpureftpd
        * purecfg: new XML templates for Debian & RedHat 7.x & 6.x
        startup scripts
        * gui: little reorganization & enhancement, write 
        my own DoubleSpinbox class (KDoubleNumInput is disappointing :-/)
        * translation: intial Danish translation  from
        Isak Lyberth <ily@serv01.vejlehs.dk>
        * parse: generating command line options now work
        anyway because I've deleted pure-ftpd latest version
        I'm bot sure about "fixme"'d flags
        * build: it now build on older version of KDE, i.e. 2.1.x
        * version: welcome to 0.5 release non-released to public :)
        * povray: added Povray script + source  used to render the
        blue shiny pearl
        * purecfg: configuration script are now usable
        * listing: there is a bug in script list + show script

        * version 0.4: first internal release

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Copyright 2001-2003, Claudiu Costin claudiuc@kde.org
Released under GNU FDL license.