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KcmPureftpd is an KDE KControl module for configuring pure-ftpd FTP server. The goal is to have medium users to configure their server securely and conveniently, without the burden of knowing tons of command line switches.

Starting with 0.8 release, KcmPureftpd consist from two KControl modules:
  • Script Generator - It's intended for system administrators which need to make or modify startup scripts for various administered servers. Of course, it work very well for your own little Linux/UNIX machine.
  • Statistics - This module allow you to track statistics from pure-ftpd. You can see real time information about FTP connection on your FTP server as well you may follow information written to syslog by the server.


Big thank you for all the people kindly contributed to KcmPureftpd. They are the ones that push me on this project: Christoph Thielecke, Michael Kreitzer, Ole Behrmann, Bernard Lheureux, Isak Lyberth. See Credits section for more details.

Latest stable KcmPureftpd version is 0.9.1. But you may call it unfinished. Stay tunned for lots of minor, but nice improvements.

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