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DNS Software

  • DJBDNS - Dan Bernstein's implementation of Domain Name System: simple, secure and high performance.
  • BIND - BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an implementation of the Domain Name System (DNS) protocols and provides an openly redistributable reference implementation.
  • libdjb - "This project aims to make the excellent libraries from Dan Bernstein available to a wider public by extracting them from his packages and providing a minimal Makefile for each library." - Felix von Leitner

DNS Documentation

  • RFC 1035 - Russell Nelson has converted this RFC to HTML, and the result is pretty nice.
  • DNS Guide - Glenn Stevens has written an extensive guide which outlines the basic operating principles of Domain Name Service.
  • FAQ - This FAQ is edited and maintained by Chris Peckham.
  • chroot()-ed BIND - Craig Rowland has written a paper on how to run BIND 8 in a chroot() in BSD and Linux.
  • DJBDNS FAQ - Felix von Leitner has an excelent FAQ for DJBDNS. Start from here before asking on mailing lists.
  • Life with DJDNS - Inspired by the well known Life with qMail, this paper provides background on how DNS works, an overview of djbdns, and other info.
  • BIND FAQ - This FAQ pertains to the ISC Open Source Distribution of BIND which was developed and maintained by Nominum, Inc.

DNS Mailing Lists

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