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About this site


Back in 2001 summer a friend and job coleague, recomended me to drop sendmail, the veteran MTA of Internet and try qMail a strange mail server, whose creator offered $500 prize if someone break it. Not only that qMail was not break until present (even if prize was raised to $1000), but the last version 1.0.3 is from 1998. Amazing enough for me to try out this finished software.

Rest is history. I must give credit to D. J. Bernstein for easy, clear and deep understaing of STMP, email delivery, DNS, mailing lists and network security. After succefully working with qMail, I discovered djbdns package for Domain Name System. Dan make things as he think is right. Many people hate it and like it at the same time. Fortunately the software he released is free... but with some restrictions. Many of libraries are even in public domain.

I made this site because I think djbdns cannot be installed and operated easyly in a mixed environment with Bind DNS servers. It's my intention to make djbdns installation easely and add features to fully interoperate with Bind.

How this site was made

Everytime I need to make a site I need to balance the HTML features and the need for dynamic content. Really, I'm not confident that the place where site will be hosted will be forever. Taking this in account, static content is on the safe side and Website Meta Language is the default choice for me. Ralf S. Engelschall and Denis Barbier developed a professional web tool and gave it away for free.

Site layout development took me only 2 hours. I grabed some WML include from another site made be me and, voila, the site was ready for entering content. The tweaking was on the template file which is inherited by all HTML pages. A little Makefile keep track of dependencies between .wml files instead of just running wmk utility which I find it too simple for complex projects.

I don't like to spend to much time on graphics and artwork. With little knowledge about design and Gimp, a Photoshop like clone for Linux, I spend one hour and made the logo and left side menu. With the complex and full featured <navbar> tag from WML I managed to make very easy the menu.

My work envinronment is KDE 3.1 alpha compiled from CVS sources. Quanta is the editor. I must admit that my daily work horse editor is mcedit from Midnight Commander. Only when I need to keep editing multiple files at once I switch on GUI editors.

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