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Welcome to Claudiu's djbdns site

This is my site dedicated to Dan J. Berstein's wonderful Domain Name System tools package. This include a full featured DNS cache, a lightweight and fast authoritative name server on UDP and another one for TCP, and a bunch of another DNS client and server utilities. djbdns main page is located at While djbdns is good, there are issues about interoperation with BIND, missing features in default package and I want to address these limitations. All modification you make to this package break the $500 security guarantee. If you're not interested, then this site is for you. As with any piece of software, you must understand that I'm not responsible for anything can happen using documentation, and software from this site.

My goals are:

  • making djbdns installing as dumb as possible
  • making djbdns highly interoperable with BIND
  • providing documentation about installing, configuring, and operating djbdns

It's lot of work to do and I need to mantain the programs security Dan has provided. If you contribute or want to contribute, then contact me.


17 january 2007 site moved to
Stefan reported that site is unavailable. Now the content was moved to the new

12 june 2005 Fixed JumboPatch documentation
Dave,, spoted that I forgot to add documentation about how to activate round-robin patch (13th patch). Thank you Dave! See the Jumbo Patch page.

25 november 2002 The JumboPatch is out
Finally I finished documentation for the JumboPatch. This is a collection of 13 invidual patches modified to work togheter and which apply to djbdns 1.0.5. I'm happy because I've made output both for reading and printing (as HTML and PDF). See the Jumbo Patch page.

26 july 2002 News section is ready to rollout
Today the mydjbdns news section is functional. It run be way on WML and using embeded Perl I can generate statical HTML page from a specialy formated text file.

All content made by me on this site is released under GPL (software) and FDL (documentation) license. Software provided by different authors respect their licenses (alltough these are really free as in GPL, public domain etc.)

Copyright 2002,2005 Claudiu Costin; Released under FDL